Innuos was founded in 2009 to upend conventional thinking about digital music as a source, and engineer innovative, artful HiFi products that deliver unexpected warmth and accuracy – products that unleash the full potential of digital music playback. At Innuos, we are driven to go far beyond simple !ones and zeros.” Innuos products elevate music enjoyment by offering true audiophile performance. We believe remarkably high-quality audio and ease- of-use are essential parts of any memorable music experience. Through precise matching of bespoke hardware and in-house developed software, Innuos music servers, streamers and more, continue to prove that digital music sources can still be pushed to new levels.


Award-winning Innuos Music Server/Streamers including the ZEN Series and flagship STATEMENT with Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade have been changing perceptions about digital sources. Whether you want a standalone library or an endpoint for another server or stored device, or to rip CDs, or even stream from HiFi music services like Qobuz and Tidal, Innuos music server/streamers exemplify high-end performance and ease-of-use.

The award-winning Innuos STATEMENT was designed from the ground up to take digital audio to a new level of performance – it is a state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles. STATEMENT features a high-end standard PSU with 8 Independent Linear PSU rails, an EMI-optimised motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos and custom-designed Ethernet and USB Reclockers with 3bpp OCXO clocks. The optional Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade achieves clarity and depth that are undeniable.

With three models to choose from, the ZEN Series has a music server/streamer for nearly every need. The ZEN series focuses on minimizing power noise, reducing vibration, and optimizing firmware for performance that far exceeds that of a computer. Custom motherboards, SSDs for silent operation, and exceptional dual and triple linear power supplies are all available within the ZEN series. ZEN models include the ZENmini with built-in DAC, ZEN and ZENith.


The Innuos PULSE series of network music players bring you the Innuos digital music experience whether you want to mostly play music from high-fidelity streaming services like Qobuz or TIDAL or you just want another zone in your home connected to your main music server.

The PULSE series includes three models, all of which feature an SSD for loading the exclusive innuOS Operating System:

  • PULSEmini – with its built-in DAC and digital outputs this award-winning streamer is highly versatile
  • PULSE – A larger power supply with medical-grade filtered IEC makes an unforgettable impact
  • PULSAR – Discover HiFi streaming that moves you with the flagship network music player


Innuos Sense is a free app that serves as the center of the Innuos music experience. Sense allows you to browse, play and manage all your music, whether stored locally or streaming.


With digital playback, precision and timing of data are critical to achieving the best possible performance. To that end, PhoenixNET and PhoenixUSB are powerful tools for ensuring the best possible digital music playback.

PhoenixNET is an audiophile-grade network switch with an OCXO oscillator individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip, avoiding precision losses from using external master clocks.

PhoenixUSB takes the USB signal from any source and completely regenerates it to an extremely high-precision signal to feed into your DAC, allowing it to perform at its best.

The PULSEmini and PULSE are being featured in Room 235 along with the Innuos PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch and PhoenixUSB reclocker.