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Founded in 2013, Auris Audio mission was then and to this day remains, to fulfill the desires of the most demanding audiophiles and delight both – listener’s ears and visual senses. We decided to invest long-term ideas, experience and resources in the unification of retro design and the future of audio sound quality.

Auris Audio is a High End audio equipment brand, with the emphases on integrarated amplifiers, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital equipmenmt and well known headphone amplifiers.
Auris Audio dedicated a lot of work and effort in design and quality of each unit. Based on experience in designing amplifiers and other electronic devices, Auris Audio philodophy is rooted in superior design, natural materials and skill of making, which give us the right to claim that our products are hadcrafted with soul which will bring you back to nature.

With Auris Audio your music will never be the same again.


EarMen is a US based company located in Chicago Illinois, whose products are designed in Auris Audio kitchen. Latest technology, best components and beautiful design of Portable Head Amps and DAC’s will guarantee you the best quality performance solution to enhance your personal audio.

The compact and classy design allows you to use Donald DAC, TR-Amp and Sparrow wherever you want, and this brand superior sound will satisfy even the most demandig Audiophiles. EarMen is everything you need to bring music to life!