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Audio Analogue

AF Group SRL, is an Italian company, owner and manufacturer of the brands AUDIO ANALOGUE, AIRTECH and PEGASO

All AF Group SRL products are completely designed and manufactured in Italy by a team or high-end audio experts working in this business since over 30 years.

AUDIO ANALOGUE: is the key and most popular brand of the group and is well knonw Worldwide for the high quality and great value for money of its electronics. Especially since 2015 Audio Analogue started a new course introducing the Puccini Anniversary, first amplifier in its production with Zero Global Feedback circuit design. Audio Analogue currently has two lines: PureAA, products with high quality, with great sound performances and many interesting features and Anniversary line, even more high-end oriented and dedicated to the new mostly elevated versions of the models that made Audio Analogue history. Please check all details about Audio Analogue in the website

AIRTECH: Airtech is the laboratory that make most of the design for Audio Analogue products, but is also a brand now producing high-end cables and soon reference electronics. Airtech cables are completely handmade, using pure solid copper and some of the best components and parts available on the market. Please find more details at

Pegaso: it is our younger brand and it is the tube side of Audio Analogue, made by designers focused and with a great experience in tube products design only, but produced using the Audio Analogue knowledge. Currently Pegaso has only one amplifier in its catalogue(P50A, 50W class A amplifier) but soon there will be more models(phono preamp, DA converter, power amp…) all base on tube technology. Please find more details at